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outlawhitch Bad boy Mowers Part Outlaw Hitch Hitch & Receivers

Removable, heavy-duty hitch assembly for pulling other equipment along for the ride. Hitch bar is removable with lynch pin.

Product Number: Pup & Lightning Hitch Assembly (Bolt On, Slide In, Pin): 093-6000-00; Receiver Hitch (Slide in): 093-1111-00; Pup & Lightning Bolt on Hitch: 093-1112-00; Bent Hitch Pin for Slide in 1" Hitch: 044-5005-00; Bent Hitch Pin for Slide in 2" Hitch: 044-5006-00; Outlaw & Extreme Outlaw Bolt on Hitch Assembly: 093-6050-00

towhitch Bad boy Mowers Part Tow Hitch Tow Hitch towhitch

Quick to attach with two bolts, this hitch allows your CZT, ZT or MZ to tow trailers and accessories.

Product Number: 093-1000-00