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Advanced Chute System / Discharge Chute Blocker Combability Chart

Advanced Chute System allows you to fully control the mower discharge chute system. Use as a mower discharge chute blocker or open the discharge at you choice on the fly. You can use it as a discharge chute blocker to keep grass in, rocks & debris from flying from your mower discharge. Or use like a discharge shield for the flower beds, windows, cars etc. Also it allows you to do some light mulching of dead leaves or small debris & small sticks. Save some time on trimming as the ACS in the closed chute position will allow you to get closer to the walls, trees etc.

Select correct Advanced Chute System / Discharge Chute Blocker from combability chart fro your mower. If you have any question or not sure which Chute Blocker to get. Please contact us by our email form (When contacting regards ACS fitment please provide year, make, model and deck size of you mower).