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Bad Boy Mowers uses the serial number on your machine as the main reference guide for your Bad Boy Mower Parts Look-Up' Once you find your serial number, it will be best to write this on your Bad Boy Owners Manual or somewhere handy for the next time you need it.

The Bad Boy mower serial number sequence for models 2004 and newer is either a seventeen or eighteen digit sequence beginning with the letter "B". For units older than 2004 you could have 16 digits. We currently do not have part diagrams for units older than 2007. But we will be working towards this in the near future.

The Bad Boy mower serial number is found under the floor pan or just behind the seat and in front of the engine on either a white sticker or, for older models, on a silver sticker under the floor pan. Once you have located your serial number, the number sequence is defined as follows:


Bad Boy Mowers - Serial Number Example: BZE48726KA05141030

BZE - Bad Boy ZT Elite Model (BA - AOS, BC - CZT, BD - Diesel, BZ - ZT, ZE - ZT Elite, BL - Lightning, BM - MZ, MG - MZ Magnum, BO - Outlaw/Outlaw Extreme, BP - Pup, BS - Stander, BX - Outlaw XP, CE - CZT Elite)

48 - Deck Size (inches)

726KA - 726cc Kawasaki Engine, Serial Number could show HP instead of cc Ex: (27KO - 27Hp Kohler) (KO - Kohler, KA - Kawasaki, CA - Cat Diesel, BS - Briggs & Stratton)

05 - Month it was made (05 = May)

14 - Year it was made (14 = 2014)

If you are having a problem locating your serial number don't hesitate to give us a call at BADBOYLAWNMOWERPARTS.COM and we will be glad to assist you in finding where your serial # is located or which mower that you have.